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Say Thanks to a White Belt!

Say Thanks to a White Belt!


Gratitude on the mats goes a long way

Mama always said manners will get you far. She, not surprisingly, was correct. Thanking your instructor and training partners goes a long way. Whether you are a decade into the game or you just got your first Gi gratitude doesn’t go unnoticed.

Compared to traditional martial arts, BJJ is often much less formal. Less formal doesn’t mean we forget our manners as decent humans however. Whether you tap your partner like a 1930’s typewriter or you have a grown man smashing your face for six minutes, thank them. In Jiu-Jitsu every experience is a learning experience, and learning is always a good thing. So be grateful for the time you get to spend on the mat.

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Common courtesy can be in short supply in today’s age, but in a well cultured BJJ gym it should be thriving. In a room full of assassin’s, it pays to be polite. If a bad attitude is present it creates tension. That tension is usually easy to sense. By treating people well, a positive culture of learning can flourish. Don’t be that guy who makes people feel unwelcome. If you are traveling be sure to pack your best behavior in your suitcase.

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Thank the white belts. White belts are the foundation of any gym. Tom Deblass shares this sentiment in the above video. White belts can be just as useful as any other belt. A newcomer to BJJ will get the larger picture if they are treated well. The more people that get the big picture will ultimately lead to more training partners.

Focusing on the things we don’t have can be a burden. Instead our focus should be on what we do have. Having a gym to train at puts you in a great position to both receive and give help. For that we should be thankful.

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