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 Mikey Musumeci is the most successful American jiu jiteiro in history.  Winning IBJJF World Titles at every color belt and twice already as a black belt, he stands alone in his position as the hottest American grapplers.  At only 22 years old, he has many, many more years of dominating performances to come.  As one of the premiere modern BJJ athletes with one of the most exciting games, Musumeci is literally influencing the path of jiu jitsu athletes everywhere.

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Having recently filmed an instructional series with BJJ Fanatics that focuses on his Guard Retention and Back Takes, Mikey shares his complete arsenal of techniques.  One of the more dynamic, that may take you a few views before you get it down is this defense to the bullfighter pass.  Check it out below!

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As the opponent uses the dual pants grip to execute the bullfighter pass, Mikey will essentially allow the pass to begin so that he can set up the initial Kiss of the Dragon which allows him to shoot out behind the opponent and ultimately achieve the exposed back and eventual back take.

As the opponent resists the back take, Musumeci will incorporate a butterfly shoulder roll that will again expose the opponent's back and allow him to achieve the dominate position.  Take this one slow, especially if you're an older grappler.  You may want to do an extra thorough warm up, because I know I will.

For more from this 22 year old phenom, check out Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes from BJJ Fanatics!  You'll be kissing the dragon in no time!




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