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Surprise Kimura Attack From De La Riva

Surprise Kimura Attack From De La Riva


They'll never see this coming

The De La Riva guard was introduced by Ricardo De La Riva and has become a staple in the open guard of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the past decade, grapplers like the Rafael Mendes, the Miyao brothers, and Keenan Cornelius have used the De La Riva guard to win multiple championships over overtly tough opponents.

The guard itself is an excellent tool for sweeping your opponent and also attacking the back. There are countless sweeps from the position utilizing a variety of different grips such as a sleeve grips and lapel grips. It is also the base of more advanced guards such as De La Riva-X guard and reverse De La Riva. As always in the sport, an advancement in a position is typically countered by advances of its defense.

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A common defense to the guard is when an opponent steps back using the far leg in a rotational manner to a seated position allowing them to either attack a knee bar or begin a passing sequence. Without proper knowledge of how to counter this defense, we will be limited in our ability to move forward against our opponent.

In the following video, Seth Daniels counters the De La Riva guard defense previously described to attack a kimura on the close side arm. The attack is especially easy when your opponent has a lapel grip as they attempt the pass.

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The attack is not one opponents typically see coming as they begin their rotation. To ensure catching the kimura, it is vital to drill this at increasing speeds due to the confusion in grabbing the kimura in this unorthodox fashion.


You do not have to be an expert in the De La Riva guard to have success with it. In the previous video, Seth Daniels confesses to not being very good at it, but has learned to capitalize on it when the opponent begins their defense.

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