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BJJ Fanatics Behind the Scenes Episode 1

BJJ Fanatics Behind the Scenes Episode 1


The goal at BJJ Fanatics is to bring our fans and customers the best possible instructional content we can bring from the sport's best athletes and ambassadors.  We recently hosted the 10 time World Champion Bruno Malfacine who filmed his first entry in a new series that will be designed to teach the smaller grapplers how to beat the bigger opponents.  

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With Bruno's visit, we would like to introduce the first installment of our new Behind the Scenes series.  Check it out for yourself below!

 With 15 world titles between them, old friends Bernardo Faria and Bruno Malfacine talk about a number of topics.  We learn that it was Bruno who actually invited Bernardo to join the Alliance Jiu Jitsu Team.  They reminisced about the early days of spending the majority of their time training BJJ and their free time doing very little because they did not have money and were too far from their hometowns.

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One of the most poignant moments during the video was when Bernardo stated that he believed that he was confident that his good friend Bruno Malfacine would one day be the UFC champion with his current 3-0 start in his MMA career and Bruno stated how much that meant because it was Bernardo who would always tell him in the early days of his jiu jitsu success that he would eventually have 10 world championships.  Great to see these old friends who believed in each other so much and have been able to achieve so much in the course of their careers.

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