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Block Under Hook Half Guard Sweep With Paul Schreiner

Block Under Hook Half Guard Sweep With Paul Schreiner


Paul Schreiner’s Technique To Block The Under Hook

If you are playing someone with a good half guard it can sometimes be tricky to effectively attack from the top position. One minute you think you are doing fine and the next minute you’ve been swept to your back and are now fighting a submission attempt. The half guard is a powerful position to sweep from, and if you do not know the signs you will not see the sweep coming. One of the most common ways to set up a sweep from half guard is by utilizing the under hook. Today we are going to look at Paul Schreiner’s technique to block the under hook from half guard. This is a simple but often over looked technique that could save your ass the next time you are scrambling on the mats.

The under hook is the half guard players main weapon, shutting it down is one of the key components to passing the have guard.


So watch the video below and then we will break down the technique. Check it out!

There is a high percentage chance that your opponent is going to get the under hook from bottom half guard. If this happens while you are playing from the top position you can sit back and apply an over hook (also known as the whizzer). Bear in mind that you can stall an opponent with the over hook but when you sit up you give your opponent an opportunity to dive under you and hit a sweep. So why give your opponent this opportunity? Instead of sitting up, clamp your arm to your opponent’s arm. This will keep the arm tight to the body and give you a chance to use your weight to stay in a better position. From here bring your available arm over to the hooking arm and using your hand grab his gi and pin his shoulder to the mat.

I like this technique because it is super simple yet very effective when countering the under hook. Try to remember this the next time you are training. The less opportunity your training partner has to use any part of his body, the better chance you have of controlling where the match goes.

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