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Can I Set Up the Bow and Arrow Choke from De La Riva?

Can I Set Up the Bow and Arrow Choke from De La Riva?


This fancy move can be yours by watching this video.

 The De La Riva guard is often referred to as the mother of the modern guard game.  With more and more peers favoring open guard in competition, Ricardo De La Riva took advantage of using the outside wrapping hook of his instep, coupled with control on the lower leg with his same side arm to create a fertile guard system that has spawned numerous variations that are still being used effectively today at the highest levels.

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In the video below, excerpted from his new series Precision De La Riva attacks, BJJ black belt and law enforcement officer Jay Wadsworth shows a De La Riva sweep to back take which finishes with his personal favorite choke the bow and arrow.  Check out the video for yourself and get a start to finish plan to go from the bottom to the finish in clear, easy to follow steps.


The first goal of this technique series to to control your opponent's ability to successfully pass your guard.  De La Riva guard can be one of the most frustrating versions of open guard to deal with because of the multi-faceted control that you have on your opponent's leg and ability to stay up right.

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The second goal of this series is to sweep the opponent over to the side, while staying connected and taking an inverted position.  By staying close, one is able to secure a grip on the lower pant leg of the opponent that is pulled across and away exposing the back.

Once the back is exposed, Jay will begin securing a lapel grip beginning the bow and arrow set up, while controlling the opponent's free, defending hand with his own.  With the bottom hook engaged, he will step over with the top hook, pushing into the opponent's body to free his bottom leg and bring his knee up to the opponent's head forming a pillow.  Note the importance Jay places on the foot placement to allow himself to sit back safely without compromising his knee.

Once he sits back, the goal is to bring the bottom leg back into play by hooking over the shoulder and arm, making the powerful bow and arrow choke complete.  By pulling back his arms and extending the hips, the opponent is trapped and forced to tap or take a nap.

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