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Leo Vieira Back Take

Leo Vieira Back Take


 One of the most famous back takes in BJJ history.

Leonardo "Leo" Vieira is one of the most successful BJJ black belts in history.  As a long time student of Team Alliance founder Romero Calvalcanti, he achieved his black belt after winning the first ever world championships at brown belt in 1996.  He would go on to win gold at ADCC on two occasions and even shocked the world coming out of competitive retirement to compete in the 2011 ADCC World Championship and was able to come in second in a very highly competitive under 77 Kg division that year.

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After leaving the Alliance team he would go on to be instrumental in starting what would become the Brasa Team and ultimately would find his final home with his brothers starting the Checkmat Team which would be the home of athletes like Marcus Buchecha and Renato Canuto to just name a few.

Vieira is known for his dynamic and acrobatic back takes.  In the short highlight video below we see his use of this back take multiple times.  Check it out for yourself!


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In this special instructional video from BJJ Fanatics, Renzo Gracie black belt Albert Serrano breaks down the Leo Vieira back take in a series of easy to follow steps.  Check it out below!

For more high level back takes, you will not want to miss Mikey Musumeci's Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes.  Mikey is the most decorated American jiu jiteiro in history being the first American to win the World Championships twice.  Check out his series here!




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