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Chad Lyman: How to Get Up Using The Wall

Chad Lyman: How to Get Up Using The Wall


Stay Safe...And Do Not Get Stuck!

Whether you are training because you are a Police Officer, somebody who just wants to be able to protect themselves, or an MMA fighter, the wall is an important aspect of our training, one that is often times ignored in our training. Fights happen against walls, outside against a car, or as Chad will talk about, refrigerators and couches. Knowing how to get back to your feet is a vital skill for self defense.

Chad explains the goals for the technique. He wants to get to the wall, keep his head above his adversaries, and then work his way back to his feet using a wedge.

Step 1: Chad is to make a wedge with his elbow between him and the attacker. He does this while keeping his head above the attacker and keeping his support arm posted out. This allows Chad to make space. He explains a common error that most people do is that when they are taken down they immediately hug tight instead of making frames and wedges and making space. This allows the person on top to move wherever they want to go.

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Step 2: Once Chad makes his wedge and builds himself up to his hand he escapes his hips backwards until he finds a wall (anything works, tree, car, anything solid). Putting his back against a solid surface stops the attacker from being able to flatten him. Using his wedge and support hand, Chad lifts his base so his knee it is wedged against the wall. This prevents the attacker from being able to dig it out.

Step 3: From the wedge position he keeps the wall side leg glued to the wall while his other leg drives him to the wall. Keeping his wedge on the attacker Chad uses strikes from his position of posture to make the attacker raise up, now it is safe to stand. Chad explains that a common mistake is to abandon the wedge and try to stand too soon, showing how you can get taken back down from there.

Step 4: Once back to the feet, if the attacker still has a hold of a single leg, Chad shows how to escape this. Chad gets an over hook on the near side arm and shows two variations depending where the attackers head is. If up high he cross faces him by hugging it tight to his chest, or his the head his low he pushes down it down and sprawls his leg back. He does not want the attacker to have good head positioning for his takedown. Once standing Chad positions the attacker against the wall and he can now make space and see what else is going on around him., access less lethal weapons, or call for backup. From a civilian self defense perspective you can make distance and run away.

Take Chad's advice at the end of the video and "Train a little.  Alot" and add this technique to your arsenal.  It's something you can add right now that will give your opponent's a new problem to try to solve.  And remember all good techniques have strong self defense elements and practical applications.

Now that you've seen the skill and experienced the instruction style of BJJ and MMA guru Chad Lyman, you will definitely want to out his series "Using Weapons for Self Defense" where the stakes are raised to the highest point they can be raised, life and death.  In this series, Chad will teach you techniques and tricks that could save your life.




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