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(Live Drill) T Shirt Grip to Defend Punches with Stephan Kesting

(Live Drill) T Shirt Grip to Defend Punches with Stephan Kesting


Nobody wears a gi in the streets. Ok, maybe not exactly, but people do wear T shirts. Stephan Kesting shows a T shirt Jiu Jitsu technique to defend against punches.


Before Stephan can do a choke or submission he must break the attackers posture and get a grip. To do this he pulls the attacker down and gathers the shirt together, getting a palm up cross grip.  Using this grip Stephan is able to defend against punches. It helps break the attackers posture allowing Stephan to use his legs to make angles.

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Eventually Stephan can lock up a submission or reversal.  Using the shirt grip, Stephan was able to perform a collar choke, a back take, and a butterfly sweep during the short live drill.

This shows that gi techniques can have an application for fighting in the streets even if your opponent is not wearing a thick jacket. Stephan advises not only training from the shirt grip but you must also train how to get to that grip.

So put a pair of gloves on, grab a partner you trust and an extra shirt that you do not care about and start training. Figure out for yourself which of your techniques translate well to that grip and what adjustments you may need to make.

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