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Chael Sonnen Got Some Surprise Leg Lock Attacks!

Chael Sonnen Got Some Surprise Leg Lock Attacks!


Surprise Grappling Attack by Chael Sonnen

If you have been around the mixed martial arts scene you are probably familiar with Chael Sonnen. Chael is a professional MMA fighter, competing in Beallator MMA’s heavy weight division. Sonnen has been a professional MMA competitor since 1997, also having fought for prestigious organizations such as the UFC, WEC ,and Pancrase. Sonnen is known for his background in Greco roman wrestling. Today he is going to demonstrate his surprise grappling attack with Bernardo Faria – a technique he is very well known for.

Fellow / former MMA fighter Dean Lister shares a lot of the same experiences as Chael Sonnen, and has developed a ruthless grappling game that works for MMA, BJJ and Self Defense. His attacks aren't orthodox, but they work at the highest level.


Watch the video below and then we will break down Chael Sonnen’s surprise grappling attack. Check it out!

Chael Sonnen has gotten very good at jiu jitsu over the years by effectively learning how to shut it down. Sonnen starts this technique standing and controlling his opponent’s back. He is gripping his opponent with an S grip around the waist. Sonnen steps his leg to the inside of his training partner.  He releases his grips, sits and spins, locking his opponent’s leg and taking him down to the mat. Sonnen emphasizes moving quick in the 50 50 position now that you are in this position to avoid a scramble. This is one of the most vulnerable spots you can be in all of combat. Notice that when you land you set yourself up for the perfect heel hook submission. The key detail of this technique is to control your opponent’s hips. When you start standing you do not want there to be any space in between yourself and your training partner’s back. The main reason this technique is so good is because your training partner is not going to expect you to step in and roll when controlling the back. Impressive stuff from Chael Sonnen! Be sure to give this one a try the next time you are drilling back control from a standing position.

Dean Lister Teaches Your How To Surprise and Submit Your Opponents On the Mat. Even Younger, Stronger, Faster & Higher Ranked Belts - With The Most Lethal & Least Understood Attack In Grappling: The Leglock. We all know now that Leglocks Are The Great Equalizer. Dean Lister’s System Is Almost Like Cheating Because Your Opponents on the mats on in competition won't know what hit them. This is the original - OLD SCHOOL guides to leg locks



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