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Escape The Kimura With Alec Baulding

Escape The Kimura With Alec Baulding



The Kimura has been called one of the strongest moves in fighting. For Good reason too! Once you have the grip locked on and the appropriate pressure applied the fight is basically over. So how do  we avoid this devastating lock and avoid a horrific spiral fracture? Let’s see what Alec Baulding has in store for us from his YouTube Page!

If you haven’t found Alec Baulding’s YouTube you are missing out. The 2018 ADCC East Coast Trials Champion is a well of knowledge that he freely shares with his followers. For Any Jiu-Jitsu practitioner out there looking to add some top notch instruction to your regular technique study, his page will definitely help you out. His videos cover a wide array of techniques as well as guides for beginners like we see above. 

One key thing to note is the timing of the technique. As most people know, or will quickly find out once the opponent has a Kimura grip action is immediately required. Alec describes this in the video, and makes special note of bridging towards his opponent while trying to get the elbow to the floor. If your opponent is dead set on holding the grip while you are able to bridge into them there is a good chance that they will fall over to their shoulder. Be wary in this position for armbars and back takes from the Kimura grip!

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Depending on the level of your opponent, they may attempt to re-counter. If you’ve been paying attention to what has been working at the highest levels you will likely see the Kimura trap. This involves obtaining the Kimura grip and working a variety of options based off of your defense. Often times this leads to getting your back taken or getting stuck in an armbar. As Alec made clear in the video timing is everything, especially for the Kimura. The longer the grip is locked the more likely a submission will follow. 

The Kimura is one of the first moves that people can find success with because of its dominance. So if you are just beginning your Jiu-Jitsu Journey get accustomed to people looking for the Kimura after passing your guard. This also applies to when you are passing the guard. Avoid your hands on the mat as much as possible, as this is a good sign for the bottom person to attempt a Kimura. 

Prevention is better than the cure in most situations in Jiu-Jitsu, but the harsh reality is sometimes bad situations become unavoidable. Being able to react and survive bad situations is a crucial skill to develop as early as possible. Alec Baulding is a special type of teacher. In his instructional Keeping The Guard he covers the ins and outs of guard retention. Having superior guard retention skills is the ultimate form of defending the Kimura! Guard retention has always been thought of either you have it or your don’t. In a way, Alec systemizes the scramble!


If you like Alec’s teaching style and attention to detail and want a longer form of his instruction you MUST check out Keeping The Guard By Alec Baulding. Make your Guard UNPASSABLE! If they can’t pass, they will surely gas! Alec Baulding teaches the unteachable in guard retention!




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