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Gaethje Victorious Over Barboza

Gaethje Victorious Over Barboza



Saturday in the City of Brotherly love one of the most anticipated lightweight contender matches took place. In that bout the ever-durable Justin Gaethje and electrifying Edson Barboza. The fight took place exactly where you might expect on the feet.

If you have been following MMA for some time you surely have run across a Edson Barboza highlight and his brutal use of kicks. Whether it be a leg kick or a wheel kick, everyone is thrown with the intention to destroy.

Gaethje on the other hand isn’t known for being super tactical. Other fighter’s have even thrown insults like “The Homer Simpson of MMA” alluding to the amount of damage Justin has absorbed in his first four fights in the UFC. Durable is one way to describe Gaethje, but relentless is another way.

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The fight delivered in terms of action, with Gaethje eventually being able to apply enough pressure to land a hellacious right hand to end Barboza’s night early. The knockout punch was a thing of beauty as it caught Barboaz as he was circling away from the cage. Leading up to the finishing blow we were treated to a back and forth battle. Both fighters landed brutal leg kicks that were felt by fans across the globe. Here is a quick post fight interview with Gaethje, who is rocking the flip flops like Funky Ben Askren!

With his KO over Barboza, Gaethje jumped three spots up to number 5. Joe Rogan also crowned Justin as the UFC’s most violent, which would be hard to argue against. In 5 fightes in the UFC Gethje has earned some sort of performance of the night bonus. He has a 100% performance of the night bonus ratio. It’s unheard of.

So what is next for the UFC’s most violent? The next step is unclear with many top contenders currently out like Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor is “retired”. Khabib is suspended. Poirier is slated to fight Holloway for the Interim belt while Khabib finishes his suspension. It might in fact be a good time for Gaethje to rest up and wait for another top 5er to free up. Or he might just do what he normally does and take on any challengers!!

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