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Tonon Continues His Thriving MMA Career

Tonon Continues His Thriving MMA Career



Early Sunday morning avid MMA fans woke up early to tune into ONE Championship. Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson and Eddie Alvarez were set to make their promotional debut. However many grappling fans were tuning in specifically to watch Garry Tonon and how he would fare against progressively difficult competition.

Tonon made a name for himself by escaping fully locked submissions, dominating EBI, and now MMA. Under the tutelage of the Legendary John Danaher and Tom DeBlass ,Tonon is in good hands and has a bright future ahead in MMA. Leading into the bout Tonon sported a 3-0 record all wins coming by way of stoppage. Tonon took on 14 fight Veteran Anthony Engelen in the land of the rising sun.

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After watching and re watching the fight, it’s unclear if Engelen was able to get off a single significant strike. Tonon was on him like a cheap suit. Garry secured a single leg takedown, early in the bout and it was all downhill from there. Through strong positional control and transitions Tonon was able to start to open up with his strikes on the Ground. At one point while he was mounted on his opponent Tonon pushed Engelen across canvas and into the cage to deliver better punishment.

Tonon is on the rise with 4 consecutive victories with rumors flying around online that he may return to action quicker than expected. Thankfully for us Tonon’s last display of dominance allowed him to avoid damage in the fight. Training camps are always tough so hopefully Tonon is able to rest up and continue pushing his ever successful MMA career.  Here is a quick post-fight interview with the MAN himself!

On a side note did you catch Tonon talking about Gordon Ryan’s MMA debut? HELL YES!!

John Danaher has been responsible for some of the biggest and most successful athletes in combat sports. GSP, Gordon Ryan, and Garry Tonon round out the top of the list. His Enter The System series has revolutionized the grappling world. He recently finished his collection with Enter The System: Arm Bar (Juji Gatame). Add this to round out your collection and get to attacking arms!



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