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Getting To The Next Belt Level



Royce Gracie once said, “A black belt only covers two inches of your ass. You have to cover the rest”. And that is beyond true. Your skills are more important to than the color of your belt. But of course, you will always have that goal of making it to the next belt level. The important thing is to not let it drive you crazy. Don’t be obsessed with it. Worry about what you’re learning and how to apply it. When you are ready for the next level, your instructor will promote you. How can you get to the next belt level? Here are a few helpful tips.

First of all, don’t ask about it over and over. There is nothing more annoying to an instructor than the student that constantly asks about when they will be promoted. If you’re doing that, you need to stop. Your instructor will recognize your skills through many different aspects. Can you do the techniques correctly? How well do you do in sparring? Are you doing well in competition? These are all things that your instructor is checking out about you. If you’re always asking about when you will get your next belt, you are showing a negative aspect of your character. Let your skills speak for you.

Secondly, show your skills on the mat. Some people can talk a big game of their Jiu Jitsu, but when it comes to the actual application, they cannot back it up. Show your instructor that you have the knowledge and strategic thinking of a great Jiu Jitsu student. When you spar hard  in the gym, show that you have what it takes to shut down your sparring partner and get the submission. When you go and compete, do the same thing. Rack up those wins and get those titles.

And last but certainly not least, show that you can be a good teaching assistant. Jiu Jitsu is not all about rolling and competing. To further spread the art of BJJ, you need to be able to be a competent teacher. Let your instructor know that you would like to assist in teaching class sometime. If he agrees, then you can start acquiring your teaching skills. They are important if you’d like to be a full BJJ instructor some day. Learn how to explain and teach the techniques to your fellow classmates.

Moving on up the rank ladder takes time. It is not like Taekwondo, where you pay your money and get your black belt in three years. If you work hard, you’ll be lucky to get your purple belt in that time. Go to class and learn as much as you can, and follow these tips. If you can follow these tips, you will move up the ladder faster and you will get much more out of your overall experience.


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