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Roberto "Cyborg" Abreau



One of the most well known competitors on the world Jiu Jitsu scene has to be the man known as Cyborg, Roberto Abreu. Abreu, who received his black belt back in 2004, has defeated some of the world’s best in competition. Roberto has defeated such greats such as Erberth Santos, Keenan Cornelius and Orland Sanchez. He is a man known for his toughness, his reverse triangle and his tornado guard. While he has slowed down in the last couple years due to some nagging injuries, he still competes at a very high level. To get an idea on how truly skilled Cyborg really is, take a look at some of his great matches.

Roberto Abreu vs Andre Campos

In the finals of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, Cyborg met Gracie Barra black belt, Andre Campos. The match started with Cyborg being the aggressor right away. He pulled guard and went to De La Riva guard, looking for a sweep to the back. As his opponent defended, he Cyborg popped right back up, looking to engage. When Campos looked to play guard, Abreu passed his guard to the back, and as Campos stood up, he was suplexed to the mat. Roberto stayed right on his back and was able to finish Campos with a strong gi choke, winning the match.

Roberto Abreu vs Erberth Santos

At the same Abu Dhabi Grand Slam where Cyborg defeated Campos, he had a fantastic match right before against another world class black belt in Erberth Santos. The first minute or so of the match, the two black belts had some great scrambles featuring offense and defense. Cyborg was on the defense, trying to prevent Erberth’s takedown. Once down, he was able ot get up and start battling again. At over two minutes in, Cyborg hit a beautiful modified fireman’s carry on Erberth, with Santos trying to run out of bounds. When the match was reset in the middle, Cyborg immediately went into passing Erberth’s guard, and made it to his back. After a little bit of controversy and another reset, Cyborg was able to submit Santos with an effective collar choke.

Roberto Abreu vs Keenan Cornelius

Back in 2013, these two met at ADCC, with both looking to take home an ADCC medal to add to their collections. Keenan had been on fire in 2013, and it was his year to win. That was, until he ran into Cyborg. The match had started with Keenan, trying to use his dexterity, by playing butterfly guard. While his butterfly guard was one of his best weapons, Cyborg was able to use his power and pressure passing. No matter what Keenan tried, he could not seem to one up his opponent, Abreu. Cyborg was able to pass Keenan’s guard on a couple different occasions and was able to take the victory by points once the time expired.

Roberto Abreu will always be a competitor to watch when he competes. He always puts on exciting matches, and his finish rate in quite high. While he has had issues with injuries in the last couple years, he is still one of the best black belt competitors to check out when he does step on the mat.


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