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How To Recover From The Hip Switch In BJJ

How To Recover From The Hip Switch In BJJ


Tom DeBlass teaches you how to recover from this common half guard mistake!

The hip switch in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be very difficult to deal with, especially if you are new to the sport. Someone who is good at dominating from top half guard can use the hip switch to pressure down on you, keeping your mat pinned flat on the ground as they work submissions or transition away into another dominant position. Often times, you will see an experienced grappler use hip switches to work their way up the body in order to attack the head and neck, as well as isolate arms for arm and wrist locks.

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Today we will explore how to recover from the hip switch in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the legendary grappler Tom DeBlass. For many, DeBlass is a man who needs no introduction. Tom DeBlass’ list of grappling accomplishments is long, and full of some of the most prestigious accolades. He is a 3 time ADCC veteran. He is a Fight To Win pro Main Event Winner, ADCC North American Champion, 2016 ADCC American Nationals Absolute Champion, ADCC NY Super Fight Champion, 2013 Black Belt No Gi Pan American Champion, a UFC Veteran, a Bellator veteran, Ring of Combat Champion and more. Tom is one of the most sought after American grappling athletes and instructors in the world. His no nonsense approach to grappling along with his straight from the heart mix of advice and humor makes him an excellent teacher and inspiration to up and coming grapplers.

Let’s see how Tom DeBlass deals with the hip switch. Watch the video below and then we will break down Tom’s technique. Check it out now!

When people are passing on top from side of half guard they will often switch their hips, facing away from their opponent, which gives a lot of people on bottom trouble, as they get stuck here. So many people try to attack the neck and head but that is ineffective. The thing is, when your hips are already beat you can’t really fight back in the head and neck direction.

There are two extremely effective recovers to deal with the hip switch. This is one of the most requested techniques people ask Tom to share. If you did not know, Tom DeBlass is notorious for his half guard, so he deals with this problem all the time against some of the world’s greatest grapplers. In the first recovery Tom uses his far leg to insert a butter fly hook. He then locks his hands across his partner in order to reverse him. The second recovery Tom demonstrates is how to frame with your hands on your opponent. From here you can switch your hips and recover your knee shield or enter into a leg attack or reversal.

Both of these techniques involve positioning yourself so that your hips are in a more advantageous position. Remember, your hips are the most powerful part of your body, so you need to use them to gain every advantage as you can. Hopefully you find these two tips useful the next time you are stuck in bottom half when your opponent switches their hips. Thank you Tom DeBlass for demonstrating this for us today!

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