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Learn 10 Moves in 10 Minutes

Learn 10 Moves in 10 Minutes


Get more productive on the mats immediately

What can you accomplish in 10 minutes?  Maybe you can walk to the corner store, fold a load of laundry, or stand in line at your local bank branch.  Ten minutes is definitely not a long time.  What if we told you, that you could learn 10 new BJJ moves in just 10 minutes?

BJJ Fanatics and Alberto Serrano are here to offer you 10 short BJJ videos that will act like a B12 shot to your jiu jitsu game.  Alberto Serrano is a Renzo Gracie black belt under Mario Delgado leading a team of schools across Mexico.  He has joined the BJJ Fanatics team to share some of the clearest and most concise tutorials out there.  Check them out for yourself!

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Half Guard Loop Choke

In the first video, Alberto demonstrates a slick loop choke set up from knee shield half guard when an opponent attempts to smash the knee shield to secure the guard pass.  Before he/she knows it, the bottom half guard framing arm becomes the choking arm and your opponent settles in for a short nap.

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Ezekiel Choke 

In this slick version of the Ezekiel choke the dreaded 'turtled up' opponent is addressed.  How often have you faced an opponent or training partner that has taken on a purely defensive posture and taken the turtle position.

By setting up a tight hip to hip control, the opponent will never seen the Ezekiel choke and back take coming.  Turn those pesky turtles on their backs and put them to sleep with this technique!


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Pendulum Arm Bar

This is a great technique that builds off of the reaction that the opponent uses to try to prevent themselves from being swept by a pendulum sweep.  When the opponent attempts to block the momentum of the legs, he/she puts themselves in a position that allows Alberto to capture the arm and finish a tight arm bar.

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Back Escape

Having someone on your back can be one of the most frightening experiences in jiu jitsu.  This opponent or training partner has all of their limbs available to control and to wreak havoc with all sorts of chokes and other potential submission options.  There are a number of processes to get out, with the most fundamental being shown in the video below.  The opponent cannot stay on your back if you put your back to the floor.  Check out the video below to refresh yourself of the crucial steps to get yourself out, or learn them for the first time!

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Leo Vieira Back Take

In the next technique, Alberto Serrano shows a back take popularized by one of the most successful BJJ competitors and instructors in history Leo Vieira.  By securing a tight seat belt grip and creating a forward role, the turtled opponent is forced to roll head first over your and their shoulders causing them to sit directly into a seamless back take.  Check it out for yourself!


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50/50 Back Take

50/50 is a position popularized by modern guard players like the Miyao brothers and Mikey Musumeci.  Often criticized as a position where not much happens but a lot of stalling, Alberto Serrano shares an intriguing back take from this position.  Check it out for yourself!

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Baby Bolo Back take from De La Riva 

This may be one of the most dynamic techniques we're highlighting today.  The Baby Bolo is a variation of the berimbolo that does not require you to invert, therefore it allows you to attack the back from guard just like all of those inverting kids are doing out there.  This technique will help you master the use of your hooks to create the proper connection, control and rotation of both your body and the opponent's.  Check it out below and get your Baby Bolo on!


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Butterfly Arm Bar

 When the opponent attempts to pass your butterfly guard, why not set them up with a tight arm submission for their trouble.  This is one of those quick submissions they will never see coming and you'll be showing on a highlight reel for months and years to come.  Check it out below!


 Lasso De La Riva Sweep

The use of spider guard and lasso guard in conjunction with De La Riva guard can create a potent recipe that is guaranteed to have your opponent's unbalanced, controlled and reversed.  Check this one out from Alberto Serrano and BJJ Fanatics!


 Leg Drag Against De La Riva

In this simple and easy to follow video, Alberto Serrano will get you out and past the De La Riva guard of your opponent.  De La Riva is one of the most difficult guard styles to contend with and with a few simple steps you can shut it down before you find yourself swept or your back taken.  Check it out for yourself!



With just about 10 minutes of viewing time, you can add a series of new submissions, some new back takes and even a few escapes to your BJJ toolbox.  In the time it takes to warm up for your next BJJ class, you can be ahead of the curve and your opponents.  And isn't that the goal of every practitioner?

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