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Prevention is Better Than the Cure

Prevention is Better Than the Cure


Avoiding a problem is easier than dealing with a problem!

How does one escape a fully locked triangle? You tap, that’s how. Preventing things from happening in Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most effective ways to implement your game. Stopping someone’s game before it starts not only makes your strategy more effective, but it limits the strategies of your opponent. Not having letting someone close their feet in closed guard will always be easier than maintaining posture and breaking locked feet.

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Luckily for us Lachlan Giles has us covered. Here he is using a lateral step to thwart his opponent’s De La Riva guard from being fully established. Knowing how to pass a locked in De La Riva is essential, however avoiding it all together might just take your opponent out of their wheel house.

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 Lachlan utilizes a wide lateral step to put his opponent’s leg in a compromised position. From here he goes into a hybrid style smash pass. This lateral step that is used can cause a variety of responses. If Giles’s opponent chooses to react differently he will have the opportunity to apply different tactics to his passing strategy.

Preventing strategies from being implemented against you can be done by taking action. In this case it’s quite literally taking a step in the right direction. This initial action forces the guard player down a path of specific reactions that Lachlan is surely ready for. Waiting around for your opponent to act or attack will almost surely put you on the defensive. Taking action is key to preventing game plans from being executed against you.

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