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Sneaky Bread Cutter Set Up with Rob Hileman

Sneaky Bread Cutter Set Up with Rob Hileman


Smooth Choke Setup With DeBlass Black Belt Rob Hileman!

The bread cutter, the paper cutter, it has a few names, but this traditional choke has withstood the test of time. Normally acquired from a north south position, once cinched, this choke is incredibly tough to remove yourself from.

In this video Rob Hileman, a black belt under Professor Tom DeBlass, shows us a cool variation of the bread cutter that your partner’s may not see coming. Check it out!

Hileman begins in a traditional side control with his partner using a common method of defense. He begins with switching his side control ride by placing his left arm on the far side of his partners body, and tucking his hand under his partner’s elbow. Elevating the elbow will help prevent the hip escape and keep your partner from turning away from you. His right arm then switches to the near side and blocks his partner's hip to prevent guard retention.

Hileman then begins to travel to the north south position. As he rounds the head, he lays his right hip against his partner’s face, blocking out the head. Here’s where things get a little sneaky. He then begins to turn his right arm so that his palm faces the ceiling, and sweeps it back under his partners armpit to begin finding the first grip for the bread cutter.

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Once he has achieved the grip, he pins his partners left arm to his own rib cage and begins to make the trek back to the other side. As he continues to move, Hileman uses his head to pin the arm in place of his hand. Now he’s created a scenario where he can use both of his hands to complete the choke, and his partners hands are stuck underneath putting him a step behind where defense is concerned.

For the finish Hileman drops his left elbow to the floor and locks it tight to his partners ear. He removes the structure from the left side of his body and allows all of his weight to drop into his left forearm causing the submission.

I’ve always considered the bread cutter to be a weight based strangle. It seems most of the troubles people have with finishing the bread cutter come from sprawling too far back at the completion of the move and removing that heavy pressure from your partners corroded artery. As you let your weight come down it should feel as if you’re leaning into the choke, rather than retreating away.

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