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The over under pass is one of the most effective guard passes that should be in your arsenal.  By stapling your opponent's body to the mat with shoulder pressure in their diaphragm, while maintaining control of both sides of their hips with an over grip on one side and an under grip around their legs you are able to maintain incredible smashing pressure while giving them no space or ability to shift those hips and create space alleviating the pressure.  Once the opponent has been immobilized, you are able to tripod your hips up and move freely to manipulate their...

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It's always good to be adding new weapons to your submissioin arsenal.  If you're looking for a solid gi choke submission that has plenty of different variations that can be secured from a wide variety of positions, then look no further than the loop choke.   Once you have a firm grasp on the key details of the loop choke, you will find that it is one of the strongest and quickest submissions you can land on your training partners and opponents.  When the technique is broken down and analyzed you will find that it is a perfect blend of...

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The first time you meet that training partner or opponent who has a really creative open guard game can be extremely eye-opening, humbling and beyond frustrating.  Your sleeves are secured, you feel the hooks wrapping around your thighs and things begin to escalate quickly.  You're not trapped, locked in their legs--how bad can this be? Turns out that it can be very bad.  Using their hooks, hips and grips, this opponent can entangle our legs and arms, slow down our passing game and ultimately reverse us which could mean gaining crucial points in a tournament or more importantly could mean...

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