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Learning BJJ with all of the positions and techniques can be overwhelming.  And there are always going to be more positions to learn and try to master.  With experience, you may begin to notice some fundamental concepts that seem to lie below the surface of multiple techniques and positions.  But this realization can take years and hundreds of hours on the mats to begin to understand. Knowing these concepts and fundamental principles that lie behind the techniques will help you link your knowledge of many techniques and can supercharge your BJJ development.  In the video below, Judo Olympic medalist and...

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Time is running out on the BJJ Fanatics Gift Guides for 2017.  The pressure is on for you to take down the best gift possible for those special grapplers in your life.  Whether they are your friends, coaches, or even someone you'd like to see start BJJ in 2018, nothing is as valuable as the gift of knowledge.  And who better to learn from and defeat the last minute holiday gift seeking pressure, then BJJ black belt and Judo Olympic Silver Medalist Travis Stevens. Travis Stevens is widely considered to be one of the hardest working athletes in competitive grappling...

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In this installment of the BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide is focused on helping inject your training with some much needed standing and takedown techniques.  These areas are often ignored by many jiu jitsu practitioners and academies, the majority of training starting and happening "from the knees." What better gift to give that special jiu jiteiro in your life than the ability to effectively control their opponents on the feet and when the opportunity presents itself to take the action to the ground.  A decent working knowledge of judo can really go a long way to helping both your competitive jiu jitsu...

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Picture it, you're coming at your opponent or training partner with your absolute best guard pass attacks and they're unable to stop you.  Just before you lock them down into side control, they hip away and come to their knees.  Their elbows retract almost inside their body like some sort of Transformer and you're left staring at this balled up human and their seemingly impenetrable turtle defense. Whether you are a novice or advanced practitioner the defensive turtle position can be one of the most frustrating puzzles that you can face.  How do you attack it?  With their head down,...

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Bjj has long been notorious for neglecting proper stand up training.  Judo on the other hand is notorious for being one of the best martial arts for stand up.  Cross training Judo and Bjj can make you one of the most dangerous people around.  Judo can accelerate your growth in bjj in so many different ways.  There are so many similarities between the two forms of grappling. There has long been a debate in the bjj community, on which form of grappling is better to cross train, Judo or Wrestling. Long story short they both have amazing benefits and it...

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