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The mount is considered one of the supreme positions in BJJ.  From a street-ready perspective, few places to be can be more frightening than having someone's full weight on your chest and torso, with the ability to rain punches down upon your face.  In sport jiu jitsu, the position can be equally as dangerous as the top player who has mounted their opponent needs to expend relatively little energy maintaining the position once achieved.    By staying high on the opponents chest with the knees moving towards the armpits, they will also keep themselves at a safe distance in relation to...

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This weekend in arguably the greatest BJJ matchup of the last decade and the one of the single most anticipated rematches in the history of the sport, Roger Gracie and Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida met on the mats in Rio.  A more perfect stage could not have been set.  Each heavyweight monster carry a resume with 10 IBJJF gold medals attached.  Roger having won seven weight class titles and three absolute titles, while Almeida was even at five of each.  The two had met previously on the Metamoris stage in 2012 in a twenty minute war that ultimately ended with the...

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What kind of guard player am I?  What kind of guard passer am I?  What is my go to submission?  These questions are ever-evolving and always developing as you explore the world of being a jiu jitsu practitioner. Developing the various elements of your personal jiu jitsu game can take many years as you become exposed to and work to assimilate different elements and styles.  In the beginning, we tend to gravitate to the techniques that come easiest to us and provide us with some security and success against our training partners and opponents.  Maybe you feel more comfortable controlling your...

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