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The Lasso Sweep of Gregor Gracie

The Lasso Sweep of Gregor Gracie


Even though on paper, we want to go for a submission and tap out our opponents or training partners in BJJ, there is always a very special feeling that comes upon you when you sweep an opponent perfectly.  There are few things more exquisite than the look on someone's face when they are attempting to pass your guard, or otherwise in a position where they seem to be making progress or are dominating and with almost a magician's sleight of hand, they are unbalanced and topped over.  

Every cell in their body screams, "I was winning!" as you watch the proverbial rug pulled out from under them.  It's hard not to smile when this happens, as you take a top or dominant position and their mind is still reeling wondering what just happened.  That is the power of the sweep.

Like just about everything in jiu jitsu and life, we have a tendency to over complicate things and once we realize the simple, fundamental concepts that lie behind the technique, things just begin falling into place, as do our opponents and training partners onto the mat.  

One of the key concepts that should always be remembered is that no matter what, we are like a table and if you take away a leg or multiple legs of the table, the table's sturdiness and ability to stay upright is compromised. 

Let's imagine you are standing and attempting to pass the guard of an opponent who is seated playing open guard with you.  Though you are currently standing on only two legs, ultimately to pass their guard you will have to make some contact with your arms and upper body, thereby creating a table-like 4 points of contact.  It is up to you to properly maintain the blend of balance and pressure that will allow you to thwart their frames and their legs from impeding your progress.  The opponent's goal will be to try to compromise one or more of those metaphorical legs, either your real legs or your arms that are pressuring down on them.

The winner of this battle will determine who is swept and who gets their open guard passed.  So especially as you just start out in BJJ and are beginning to learn all the hundreds of moves and and positions, all the variations of guard, remember to yourself that all you are essentially trying to do is compromise one or more points of base for them and tip them over.

The De La Riva guard is one of the most famous guard games in the history of BJJ.  In this article from BJJ Fanatics, we take a look at a number of go to sweeps from this position that will have you compromising those opponent's bases and sending them flying in no time!

 In the video below, Gregor Gracie demonstrates a very powerful and sneaky lasso sweep that should be a part of everyone's repertoire.  It will have you, easy taking your opponents down mid-pass, leaving them too busy wondering what just happened to notice that you're in side control or mounted on them and attacking.


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