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The Old Switcheroo

The Old Switcheroo


When we achieve the mount, especially as a BJJ beginner, we hunt for the basics, such as the cross choke, Americana, and, of course, the armbar. Because of the commonality and knowledge of these basic mount submissions, the defenses are plentiful and widely known to most practitioners. Does your armbar fall apart if your opponent is one step ahead of you when launching his/her defense? Try switching the attack to the other side to break free of the common defenses.

The ability to switch your armbar attack to the other side is critical. There are hundreds of ways to break that frustrating grip we so often encounter when trying to apply the arm bar, however making the switch may sometimes be the path of least resistance.

In this video, Gregor Gracie demonstrates his version of the armbar switch. Watch closely as he captures the opposite arm before making a smooth transition to the other side for the submission. It’s a great example of this technique and very easy to follow. Enjoy!

The twists and turns may appear to be a little flashy, but you’ll find with some persistence and a little drilling, you’ll be able to perform the movement like a pro in no time. In my experience, the most difficult part of the transition is getting your hips to switch from the s-mount position to the identical body configuration on the opposite side. Of course, we all have a strong side, which is why the movement can present some difficulties at first.  Here’s a drill you can use to help commit the critical concepts of the transition to memory. Add this to your study of the armbar from mount and make the attack more dynamic and well rounded!

 For more from Gregor Gracie, head over to BJJ Fanatics and check out "High Level Fundamentals" which will give you all the tools to create a complete game no matter what your belt level.  These are the timeless moves that will work for the duration of your life on the mats!




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