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Toe Hold from 92 Double Sleeve Guard by Jay Wadsworth

Toe Hold from 92 Double Sleeve Guard by Jay Wadsworth


Jay Wadsworth is a law enforcement officer, BJJ black belt and competitor who utilizes a very dynamic guard he calls the 92 Double Sleeve Guard.  The key component of this style of open guard is the use of a two on one grip on one of the opponent's sleeve which can give an amazing control and open up sweeps, transitions to more dominant positions like back takes and even submissions such as arm bars and triangles.

In a recent video with five time world champion and life-long student of BJJ techniques, Bernardo Faria, Jay shared a toe hold set up that he used recently at a Fight 2 Win victory he had in Pittsburgh PA.  Check out the video below and we'll break it down after.

 The beauty of this particular toe hold is that all escape routes are quickly eliminated.  In order to try to deal with the control that the 92 Double Sleeve brings to the table, Bernardo Faria attempts to stand up to become mobile and begin passing the guard.  

Jay utilizes the space created with the standing of the opponent to launch his legs into an ashi garami style position, clamping onto the hip.  Instead of taking the opponent backwards, in this case, he will bring the opponent forward.  

This allows him to triangle his legs (keeping strong connection to the lower back to prevent easy posturing) and he will control the opponent's leg making the toe hold easily accessible.  The way he is able to triangle his legs creates a 'doorstop' on the mat if the opponent tries to roll forward over their own shoulder.  This would be the most likely escape route.  This is stopped dead with the door stop knee.  And should the opponent try to roll back, Jay will easily be able to follow their hips and maintain strong control.

This position resulted in a broken foot for his opponent in the their Fight 2 Win match, never the goal, but sometimes these things happen when someone is put into a position they are unfamiliar with and do not recognize the dead end they've found themselves in.  Please be conscious of this as you train this position.  But don't be afraid to add it to your arsenal of submissions as it will give your leg attacks a new angle to utilize with this powerful toe hold. 

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