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Toehold From Inside the Guard by Neil Melanson

Toehold From Inside the Guard by Neil Melanson


Being stuck inside the closed guard of a good guard player can be extremely frustrating.  It's easy to spend endless energy trying to combat and break open the legs, while being pushed and pulled by the hips and also dealing with the guard players grips.

Neil Melanson, one of the most accomplished MMA and grappling coaches out there today, offers a different approach to being in the guard.  Instead of spending so much time trying to open the opponent's guard, he prefers to create a scenario where they want to open the guard due to the pressure he brings to what we usually think of as kind of a passive and defensive place to be.

Check out his version of the "F it, try a leg lock" mentality with this slick and devastating toe hold submission.  Lots of crucial details that will give you a whole new element to your guard passing game, i.e. the ability to finish the opponent.

For more of Neil Melanson's guard insights, check out Advanced Guard Systems available here from BJJ Fanatics!



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