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Triangle from Nicholas Meregali

Triangle from Nicholas Meregali


Nicholas Meregali is currently one of the hottest black belt prospects out there today.  As a purple and brown belt, he was hands down one of the most successful competitive athletes ever, winning every major event.  In his black belt World Championships debut he also secured the gold medal.  

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The Alliance black belt recently visited with Bernardo Faria at his academy to train and share his knowledge with the students there.  While he was there, he showed a favorite variation of the triangle choke.  Check out the video below!


As Bernardo suggests, what he likes best about Nicholas Meregali's game is the the old school feel of his game.  With so many modern players utilizing elaborate jiu jitsu games based on flexibility and athleticism, it is refreshing to see a game that seems to hearken a return to the early days of BJJ.  To be able to make the techniques that all of us learn in our Fundamentals classes work on the highest stages in the world is a true testament to the athlete themselves.  Just as Bernardo himself made effective use of a relatively simple BJJ game predicated on pressure passing and classic sweeps, Meregali does the same today.

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In the demonstration of this technique, Nicholas Meregali shows the interplay between the collar grip, the grip on the opponent's elbow and the use of the legs to break down the posture.  Once the initial posture is broken, Nicholas uses a series of baits to elicit certain reactions from his opponent Bernardo.  

He uses a loose over the back grip on the belt which encourages Bernardo to move his head into the position Meregali needs to set up the choke.  Nicholas also uses a grip on the arm inward that forces an extension of the arm from Bernardo and allows him to bring his leg over the top of the back and begin locking the triangle.  This simple but very effective variation of the triangle can be easily adapted into your game with some practice.

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