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The Important Role that BJJ Memes Can Have On Your Roll

The Important Role that BJJ Memes Can Have On Your Roll


Having A Sense of Humor Will Make Your Journey to Black Belt Much Easier

Maybe it's because we all remember what is was like to be a white belt... Half Stupid, Half Awkward, Fully Clueless - BUT Let's Be Real.  White Belt Memes are what probably keep most people coming back to get their blue belts nowadays.

White Belt Memes Are The Best.

Here's our favorite memes that basically describe every white belt on the mat.

White Belts Lord Of The Rings Meme

BJJ White Belts Drilling Technique Meme

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White Belt BJJ Meme Napolean Dynamite

White Belts Rolling Light Meme

Funny White Belt BJJ Meme

This One Time In BJJ Class White Belt Meme

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Funny Confused White Belt Meme

White Belt BJJ Trying To Help Meme

White Belt BJJ Meme

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give to a new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner is to have fun, no matter what.  BJJ is one of the most difficult undertakings that one can partake in.  Not only is it physically demanding on the body, but also on the mind.  Those early days, trying to get your arms and legs to work in concert, while making sure your hips are in the right position, and you're breathing properly can be some of the most challenging that an average person can experience.  Very few exercise programs or fitness experiences can rival what that first BJJ class can do to one's body and and psyche.  

In addition, there is the mental challenge of jiu jitsu.  It is not only a very cerebral art in which you are playing a dynamic game of cat and mouse with your opponent or training partner, there is the challenge that one's ego must deal with everyday.  You go incredibly fatigued, having been tapped for what seems like 1000 times that evening.  It's hard to feel incredibly positive sometimes after the average class and sparring session.

The memeing of life

One of the best developments in the history of BJJ for keeping a healthy and humorous perspective is the internet BJJ meme.  Unless you are completely removed from all forms of social media and do not talk to any of your training partners, you have probably encountered a jiu jitsu meme.  A BJJ meme for those who aren't aware can be any form of image or video from any source, usually pop culture and is hijacked or tweaked with some BJJ related text added.  Sort of sounds like the legend of the history of jiu jitsu itself.  Taking something and tweaking it for the better and changing the world?

There are a number of websites and social media accounts that specialize in BJJ memes.  Some of the best and most prolific include Jiu Jitsu Times, Because Jitsu, and White Belt BJJ, amongst others.

 What do BJJ memes do?

As someone who has created literally thousands of memes in the past 5-6 years, I wanted to share some thoughts on what memes do for me and what I have seen them do for other people.

BJJ Memes Express the Ups and Downs of Our Shared Experiences

We've all seen that person (or sadly, been that person) who comes in late and misses the strenuous warm up before class.  We've all slapped hands and bumped fists with that person who said they were going light and who came at us like a rabid animal.  We've all had the feeling of getting or not getting a stripe or belt promotion and left the class wondering what do we do now to earn or live up to that promotion.  The point is that there are shared milestones and experiences on the road to black belt that we all have to go through.  There are no short cuts in BJJ.  Sometimes these experiences and milestones can leave us wondering if we are cut out for BJJ.  

BJJ Memes Make Us Laugh and Put Things in Perspective

I started creating memes because I found them to be a humorous way to share my thoughts and feelings as I was starting out my journey.  Taking an image with some famous TV or movie star making a funny face and realizing I make that same face when X occurrence happens to me in BJJ class, was somehow therapeutic and ultimately when I shared them on my personal social media, my friends and teammates who trained, suddenly understood and it made my personal feelings of doubt or frustration more manageable and put challenges in perspective.

BJJ Memes Build Community

This amazing shared martial art that all of us practice and the experiences, both good and bad that we all go through can be shared through the lens of the BJJ meme.  It's amazing to see that through laughter, our community grows stronger.  BJJ memes can also be used to make statements about controversies and attempt to inspire change.  BJJ memes can inspire, educate, and help motivate change to happen.

 Can't get enough BJJ advice geared for the white belt?  Check out this BJJ Fanatics article here.

BJJ Memes can do a lot to keep you laughing and coming back from those hard days as a white belt, or any belt for that matter.  Having a sense of humor will go a long way to helping you develop a strong mindset to help face the long road to black belt.  Sadly, many people struggle to navigate the Road to Black Belt, but with Tom DeBlass' help, everyone can make it.  Check out his latest DVD The Road to Black Belt and Beyond today at BJJ Fanatics!



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