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Yoga With Your BJJ? - Yoga Is For Everyone Too!

Yoga With Your BJJ? - Yoga Is For Everyone Too!


Is Yoga the perfect compliment to your BJJ? 

If you have been doing jiu-jitsu, even for a short time, then I am sure that you have heard someone in your gym talk about practicing a little bit of yoga in addition to your jiu-jitsu. Maybe you thought it was strange? Or maybe “Yoga is for petite little women and soccer moms to do in their time off”. Well, we are here to tell you, just like jiu-jitsu, yoga is for everyone too!

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The first thing, and most obvious, are the physical benefits yoga can have for your. It is very good at increasing your flexibility, your core strengths, and your overall physical fitness. It may not look like it, but it will give you a very nice physical workout. Moving your body in ways you thought not possible is very beneficial for your overall physical fitness, and yoga has a lot of that to offer. Stretch those muscles, let that core burn, and get to a class! Your body, and your jiu-jitsu will thank you!


And, it can help with your mental health as well. Taking time once in awhile to focus on yourself can be very beneficial for you, even aside from you jiu-jitsu. Head to a class, enjoy the moment, and clear your mind. Let yourself know that this yoga practice is what you need, and it will flow into other aspects of your life. The positivity and personal affirmations will benefit you greatly as you proceed with your jiu-jitsu, and throughout your life as well. 

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Also, it is another challenge. As Joe Rogan said, “Yoga is jiu-jitsu versus yourself”. And he is absolutely right. It's funny, but, I am pretty sure that your first day of yoga will be much like your first day of jiu-jitsu. You will be falling all over the place, looking around the room to make sure you are doing the movements correctly, and possibly moving your body in ways you may have never thought possible. This is ok. Actually, it is great! The struggle is part of the fun, and you will come out better on the other end.


Get some yoga in your life. Just like jiu-jitsu, the benefits can be endless. We highly suggest finding a local yogi to get you started on your journey (support local business right!), but if you cannot, below are some resources to get you started!


 Yoga For BJJ, With Instructor, and BJJ Black Belt!, Sebastian Brosche. The focus of this program is yoga for your jiu-jitsu, but it is also much more than that.



Yoga With Adriene. This instructor, Adriene Micshler, is your classic yogi, and she is awesome! She has a video for everything, from tight hamstrings, to yoga for gardeners! She has a ton of FREE content on YouTube, so give it a look.


For more yoga and BJJ, check out Josh Stockman and his Grappling for Yoga series from BJJ Fanatics!  Get all of the secrets to longevity on the mats with this program here at BJJ Fanatics!




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