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Advanced Back Take Tips With Mikey Musumeci

Advanced Back Take Tips With Mikey Musumeci



Mikey Musumeci has a brilliant mind for Jiu-Jitsu. Being a smaller athlete he has developed interesting methods to deal with larger opponents, as well as people the same size. Mikey’s game is a unique blend of GENIUS back takes and devastating footlocks. He demonstrated his footlock prowess in the finals of the 2019 World Championship where he capped of a legendary performance with a 12 second straight ankle lock. 

Musumecis is always threatening to take his opponent’s back. In The Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes instructional he covers extensively how he hunts for the back. Mikey utilizes his dexterity to thwart passes and enter into back attack opportunities. By always threatening back attacks he will also find opportunities to use crab rides and leg drags to pass his opponent’s guard. Take a look at this Kiss of The Dragon to Butterfly Roll to fully understand what a “Genius Back Take” means!

Aright. We included ADVANCED in the title for good reason! There is little need to write about a break down here. Mikey has us covered. One thing to understand if you are a beginner is that this is a sequential technique. There are multiple points throughout this technique where his opponent’s reaction forces the action in another direction. For instance, if his opponent accepts the leg drag position Mikey wouldn’t have to utilize the Butterfly Roll technique to further the back take, and instead would simply use the leg drag to pass the guard. 

You TOO can learn to be a Genius at taking the back! Let Mikey help you out! Click Learn More!


As much as this technique might seem like TONS of steps, it's made possible through Mikey’s approach to Guard Retention. By forcing his opponent’s to change their passing strategies on the fly Mikey can set traps to sweep or attack the back. Another thing to consider that this technique is a constant exchange of action and reaction. As Mikey goes through each portion of the sequence he is reacting to his opponent’s reaction. This allows him to funnel his opponent into a limited amount of options to choose from. 

This makes a complex technique like this more easily used in training. If you are aware of the options your partner has, you can start to develop a sensitivity to those options and will be able to react accordingly. Mikey is a master of putting his opponent’s in limited option scenarios and capitalizing on the openings they leave. Hence the name Genius Back Takes!

Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes by Mikey Musumeci
Musumeci is a MASTER of Details. The Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes instructional is PACKED to the brim with these GAME CHANGING details. Mikey is one of the most accomplished grapplers on the planet, in his instructional you will realize he is also one of the best Teachers on the planet!



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