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Arm Triangle Quick Fix with Brandon McCaghren

Arm Triangle Quick Fix with Brandon McCaghren


Quick Details To Improve Your No Gi Choke Game!

Who doesn’t like a quick fix that they can add to their game immediately? Many times, we don’t need a barrel full of details on something were trying to improve, but rather a key detail that we’ve been missing. These kinds of details can turn an idea we’ve been struggling with into our new favorite technique.

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When we’re attempting to perform an arm triangle choke, there’s a whole host of defensive road blocks our partners can place in front of us. If things aren’t just right, and your opponent is savvy enough, they can make finishing the choke a nightmare.

One of these defenses might involve your partner grabbing the back of his head, almost in the style of blocking a punch. This can create space for them to keep the choke from getting too tight. Sometimes it seems no matter how hard we squeeze, that we just can’t get the tap. Brandon McCaghren addresses that very problem in this 1-minute video, so if you’ve been searching for an answer, look no further.

Before McCaghren dismounts to begin working toward his finish, he addresses his partner’s defense. With his arm firmly in place, his partner has bought himself some time and possibly the space he needs to put a halt to the submission. McCaghren remedies this by what he refers to as combing his partners hair. He pokes his fingers in towards his partners ear and then bends his hand to follow the contour of his partners head.

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As he walks his hand towards the top of his partners head the arm is cleared and the obstruction is removed. McCaghren can now dismount and begin working for the finish.

We’ve all encountered this at one time or another, remember this quick tip the next time you’re stuck!

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