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Unique Loop Choke from Half Guard

Unique Loop Choke from Half Guard


Quick, Sneaky Gi Choke From Half Guard!

The loop choke can be sneaky. It can be applied from almost any position, and it can come out of nowhere. Many times, it can be set up and executed as our partner reacts to a bait, or trap that we’ve set. Once the loop choke is locked in, there’s little chance of escape, as it is one of the tightest strangulations in BJJ.

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One the best things about BJJ is that absolutely anyone from white to black can go into the lab and create their own techniques. We adapt BJJ to fit our game and create our own unique toolbox, and this produces some very creative variations. In this video Bernardo Faria gives a talented purple belt from Baton Rouge an opportunity to show a very unique loop choke from half guard. Take a look!

He begins in a standard half guard configuration, and frees the lapel on Faria’s far side. He also secures a grip on the cuff of Faria’s sleeve. He uses his knee shield to bring his partner forward, and then punches the lapel he’s acquired over the right shoulder of his partner. He then loops the lapel around to the left side. Everything is now in place, and he’s ready to [perform a sweep to get top side. He blocks Faria’s left knee with his right foot and performs a basic sweep.

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After the reversal he uses his right knee to try and pin his partners arm. This allows him to have an unobstructed opportunity to drop his forearm and finish the submission.

This is an awesome variation of a great choke. Practitioners all over the world have created their own versions of classic BJJ techniques, and it’s great to see them showcased! Good stuff!

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