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Product Spotlight: Impassable Bamboo Cotton Gi!



Not all gi’s are created equal. Some are better than others. Constructed better, made of better material and overall, just…better. Today’s product spotlight is another gem from Impassable. As you’ve seen from past product articles, Impassable is a suburb brand that makes suburb products and this gi is no different. The Impassable Bamboo Gi is a deluxe model when it comes to gi’s.

First, let’s talk about the material. This is not your everyday material that the majority of Jiu Jitsu gi’s are made of. It is made of bamboo cotton. You might not know what that is. Let me fill you in. It is an expensive, luxury cotton that is second to none in comfort. Comfort means a lot in Jiu Jitsu. The more comfortable you feel in your gear, the better you will perform. It is so comfortable, that you won’t need to wear a rashguard underneath. It is antimicrobal too, which is a nice plus.

Don’t let the idea of comfort make you think that this is a wimpy gi though. This gi is just as tough as it is comfortable. It will not rip or tear. It can take a beating like other gi’s, but with its lightweight construction, you will stay cool, while you put in work on the mats. These kimonos should be scooped up when they can. Once they are out, it takes about 6 months to get back in stock. Don’t be a come-lately and miss your chance at getting one of these beautiful Impassable gi’s.

Bamboo cotton gi’s usually sell for well over $300. But with the Impassable product, you can get it for only $160! It is an insane deal. But wait…there’s more. In addition to this awesome price, this Impassable product comes with a lifetime warranty. No one gives lifetime warranties on gi’s! Don’t be a fool, get yours now!

Impassable Cotton Bamboo Gi…only $160! Click here!

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