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Shift The Weight of the World With Your Butterfly Game

Shift The Weight of the World With Your Butterfly Game


Classic Butterfly Guard Never Goes Out of Style

With so many guards out there it’s hard to know where to start. As a beginner often times the newest/hottest guard seems like the place to start learning, but often times where beginners will find success is with tried and true classic technique. Too many times I’ve witnessed folks trying to execute high tech techniques with many variable dictating success, only to have one thing go wrong and have your guard demolished. It’s the beginning of the end.

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This is where Butterfly Guard comes in.  Being able to utilize a guard that forces your opponent into one direction for their pass will help you dictate the action. Angling to one side of the opponent’s midline is sure to cause some specific reactions that we look to capitalize on with our butterfly game. This angling is where we start to utilize that sweet leverage that is so commonly sought after in BJJ. The best part of it all is it helps us absorb and redirect our opponents weight. If they push forward into you our butterfly hook is waiting in the wings to elevate them.

Why butterfly guard? BJJ is all about preferences. One of the common strategies for a passer is to stay low and apply as much pressure as possible. This can stifle many newcomers and vets alike. When you can successfully thwart an opponent who has a significant size advantage your training days become much more manageable. Butterfly guard can also help get us out of sticky situations such as the mount or a flattened half guard. Often times a butterfly guard player can catch the position in transition and utilize the position’s inherent angular advantage to capitalize on their forward aggression.

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When it comes to selecting something to study in BJJ the question is always what to pick. Learning a game that can neutralize a heavy passer is going to pay dividends down the road because you won’t spend ample time getting crushed by your opponent. Due to its unbalancing nature the butterfly guard also lends itself to submissions as well. When an opponent becomes unbalanced it will need addressed while they are busy fixing their base you are switching from sweep mode to attack mode.

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