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Should Khabib Move to Bellator?

Should Khabib Move to Bellator?


Is it smart to stay with UFC?

 The aftermath of UFC 229 has raised suspicion into whether Khabib Nurmagomedov will continue his career with the UFC or move to other professional MMA organizations. UFC management has threatened to pursue legal ramifications against Khabib’s team for the brawl following his decisive victory against UFC icon Conor McGregor. Following talks in which the UFC has discussed releasing teammate Zubaira Tukhogov, who fights as a featherweight in the UFC, Khabib threatened leave the UFC voluntarily.

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Khabib has objected to these threats due to his belief that the UFC is biased in favor of Conor McGregor. Khabib, on numerous occasions, mentions that UFC management did not choose to pursue any form of punishment against Conor after the debacle in which he threw a dolly at a bus, injuring other fighters like Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg. Khabib has also discussed his belief that the UFC is discriminating him because of his being a Russian Muslim as well. It is important to mention that as of yet, Khabib has not received his $2 million purse for UFC 229.

At this stage, it is unclear what paths Khabib will take. The UFC, as corrupt as he may believe it is, is the most lucrative of the professional MMA organizations. As large and as respected as Bellator is, it cannot, as of yet, compete with the UFC for both fighters and fans. Rapper 50 cent, who is associated with Bellator, has offered Khabib $2 Million to fight at Bellator. Khabib responded to this offer with: “Just send me location.” Whether this is a real offer or a public relations endeavor is still unclear.

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Regardless of who is in the wrong here, Khabib still has a strong future ahead of him. He is an extremely talented grappler and wrestler who was able to contend with skilled fighters on numerous occasions and gain the victory. I am excited to see what the future has in stock for him.

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