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What To Do When You Can Only Train 2x Per Week

What To Do When You Can Only Train 2x Per Week


For a lot of us, jiu jitsu is a hobby...

We have family obligation, work obligations, whatever it may be, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy our training and supplement it with other activities that we are able to squeeze in.  It can be frustrating and even lead to feelings of guilt when we aren’t able to get on the mats as much as we want to. It’s important to know, you’re not alone.

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We all get twenty four hours each day what makes us unique is how we spend them.  Everyone has different obligations, prioritize yours, but don’t allow yourself to make excuses for not getting on the mats. Making it to your kids annual school performance may win out over taking a class, but watching the football game or a “lazy day” should not.   

Professor Bernardo Faria talks about his advice in his video What To Do When You Can Only Train 2x Per Week.  

Do what you can to supplement your training.  Ideally, whenever possible, do something that is similar to jiu jitsu such as lifting weights, running, swimming, crossfit, all of these are great supplements to your jiu jitsu. If needed some gear, check out Bernardo Faria Shirt for more motivation.

For me personally, I like to get up early and go to the gym.  The academy where I train doesn’t offer classes at 430 in the morning, so it’s the perfect time for me to get in some weight lifting.  To add on to Professor Faria’s statement about doing whatever you can to supplement your training, and making it as similar to jiu jitsu as possible, I think it’s important to talk about what type of weight lifting we are doing.  Going to the gym and doing curls and crunches isn’t necessarily supplementing our jiu jitsu training. Sure, big arms and a six pack are great and all, but I think ideally, we need a more rounded strength training program. Why not check out what the experts are doing.  There’s no disputing that Professor Tom Deblass is one of the strongest to step on the mats. Check out his thoughts on strength training here.  If you prefer, another option would be Getting Swole as a Grappler by Gordon Ryan.

If dad life is the struggle, and that’s what is limiting your time on the mats, you have tons of options.  If your kids are old enough, get them on the mats with you. I have personally seen jiu jitsu change my daughters life and she loves getting on the mats, plus I get the added benefit of knowing if she sticks with it, she will be able to handle herself against threats as she gets older.  Kill two birds with one stone and train with your kid(s) when possible. If they aren’t old enough, or have no interest, do something fun that keeps you both active. Running together, bike riding, playing a sport, anything. Personally I love playing outside with the kids, and always make it a point to find a bar on the playground to squeeze in some pull ups.  The bottom line is, there’s always time, there’s always a way. You find a way to do the things you prioritize, and remember, your kids are watching, they’ll do what they see, not what you say.

Regardless of the reason you’re limited to the time you get on the mats, find an exercise supplement that works for your life and keep showing up.  Don’t get discouraged, and accept that you are on your own path, others will start after you, and progress through the jiu jitsu journey faster than you… And that’s OK.  

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