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Who Will Earn the Big Money This Weekend?

Who Will Earn the Big Money This Weekend?


This weekend is a combat fans dream.  With UFC 229 bringing an amazing line up that will certainly live up to the pre-fight hype, grappling fans are guaranteed to get a show in Vegas!  Fight 2 Win Pro is also hosting an event in Orlando Florida which will delight grapplers and fans with the rock concert style production of ringleader Seth Daniels.  In addition, the first European ADCC Trials event is going on in Bucharest, Romania signalling the start of ADCC season around the world.

And finally in Los Angeles, there is big money on the lines from both the IBJJF with their IBJJF Pro Event in Los Angeles and the World Series of Grappling putting on its second event in LA as well.  The IBJJF event is offering $17,500 in prize money while the World Series of Grappling is offering much more with $20,000 alone going to the divisional winners.

Each event is drawing some very big names, with Yuri Simoes leading the charge in the ultra heavyweight division of the IBJJF Pro Event and grapplers like Gabriel Arges looking to win big money in the WSOG 2.  Who do you like in these events?

Gabriel Arges is looking to make a statement in this event and you can learn directly from him with Knee Barges Leg Attack System available from BJJ Fanatics!  Get your copy here!







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